07 Big Bang
Something from Nothing?

Did our universe really begin from nothing — no matter and no creator?


John Lennox

Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University (emeritus)

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Brian Miller

Physicist, Discovery Institute

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Stephen Meyer

Director, Center for Science and Culture, Discovery Institute

Author of The Return of the God Hypothesis
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John Lennox: On the Beginning of the Universe

Brian Miller: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Big Bang

Stephen Meyer Discusses the Big Bang, Einstein, Hawking, and More


Book Excerpt: The Big Bang and the Fine-Tuned Universe

Robert A. Alston

Scientific discoveries have put to rest the idea that the universe is infinitely old. What now?

Confirming the Big Bang: Early Decades

Guillermo Gonzalez

Cosmologists have come a long way since Edwin Hubble published that ratty looking plot of galaxy recession velocities versus distance.

Confirming the Big Bang: Recent Decades

Robert A. Alston

What can we infer about the cause of the universe, about what brought it into being?

Big Bang: Put Simply, the Facts Are Wrong

Denyse O’Leary

In 1965, the evidence of aftershocks (the cosmic microwave background) made the theory an apparent fact.

Sleepless in Oakland: Big Bang Gives NCSE Staffer Insomnia

Donald McLaughlin

The evidence of a beginning to the universe didn’t sit well with British astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington, either.


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