10 Artificial Intelligence
Will Machines Take Over?

Could a robot really be curious? Or experience love? Could a computer plot evil? Some really smart people think machines will achieve not just human but super human consciousness.


Robert J. Marks

Electrical Engineer and Computer Scientist


John Lennox

Professor of Mathematics


Jay Richards

Senior Research Fellow


Selmer Bringsjord

Director of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Jay Richards: Will Machines Make Humans Obsolete?

Bob Marks: What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Selmer Bringsjord: Why Can’t AI Possess Cognition or Creativity?

John Lennox: Will Technology Take Over?


Google’s Lamda Not As Smart as Some Think

Robert J. Marks

Google suspended an engineer, Blake Lemoine, for claiming that a Google AI project named LaMDA has become “sentient”.

That Robot Is Not Self-Aware

Jay Richards

The way the media cover AI, you’d almost think they had invented being hopelessly naïve.

Will Humans Ever Be Fully Replaceable by AI?

Stephen Berger

We must first determine, what is a person and what is the nature of the universe in which a person can exist?

Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and Humanity

Robert J. Marks with John Lennox

Should robots have rights? What are A.I.’s advantages and threats to humanity? And does theology have anything to say about all of this? 

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