Well-known scientists have been preaching a materialistic worldview rather than presenting the public with all the evidence. We are here to change that. The objective scientific evidence does not prove our universe is blind and purposeless. It does not show we are simply meat machines. It does not prove that evolutionary mechanisms can completely account for the diversity of life on earth. 

Think for yourself and make an informed decision. 

Are you ready? The uprising continues Sept. 15.

Science Uprising Returns for Season 2 on Sept. 15, 2021

Get ready this fall for a new season of Science Uprising. The fast-paced, edgy series on science and its implications originally premiered on YouTube in 2019. To date, its videos have drawn more than 2.2 million views.

Season two is scheduled to begin on September 15 and will include four new episodes plus bonus interviews that will be released from September 2021 .

The first new episode will look at what science says about the beginning of the universe. Another episode will investigate explosions of new animal forms throughout the history of life. A third episode will will critique the fossil evidence for human evolution, and a final episode will tackle the claim that artificial intelligence will make humans obsolete. 

The series has generated more than 52,000 “likes” and thousands of positive comments on YouTube, including:

“These are FIRE! Thanks for making them.”

“This video got me so pumped… It’s like a trailer for a movie almost.”

“Wish I had these in college!” 

Broadcast by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture

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