Well-known scientists have been preaching a materialistic worldview rather than presenting the public with all the evidence. We are here to change that. The objective scientific evidence does not prove our universe is blind and purposeless. It does not show we are simply meat machines. It does not prove that evolutionary mechanisms can completely account for the diversity of life on earth. 

Think for yourself and make an informed decision. 

Are you ready? The uprising begins June 3.

01 Reality: Real vs. Material (June 3)
Has science proven we are all just matter? Or does reality extend beyond what we can see and touch?

02 Mind: The Inescapable I (June 10)
Are we simply robots made out of meat? Or is there an inescapable “I” who makes real choices that can change our lives?

03 DNA: The Programmer (June 17)
Is the software that runs life the result of accumulated copying errors? Or does it require a programmer?

04 Fine Tuning: You Don’t Suck (June 24)
Is our universe an accident? Or does it display exquisite evidence of intentional design?

05 Origin of Life: Intelligence Required (July 1)
Can life spontaneously generate itself from chemicals? Or are detailed instructions required?

06 Mutations: Failure to Invent (July 8)
Are chance mutations really “the key to our evolution”? Or are there strict limits to what they can accomplish, limits that point to the need for an overarching designer?

07 Human Evolution: The Monkey Bias (Late Fall 2019)
Are we “modified monkeys”? Or does nature suggest we are something truly unique?

Broadcast by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture

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